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Good Layout for DJ

Good Layout for DJ

When deciding how to arrange the room where the reception will take place, many couples (and banquet facility managers) focus ONLY on the general appearance of the room, and fail to consider the practical impact as it relates to proper placement of the entertainment.

There are many suggestions online about the placement of the head table, and how to arrange the guest tables, but there are very few helpful suggestions regarding the positioning of your entertainment (which may have a serious, detrimental impact on your guests enjoyment of your reception).

As a DJ, there have been so many occasions that, when arriving at a facility, I am told “The DJ table is back in that corner…”, with tables between that corner, and the dance floor in the middle of the room.

While this setup may seem visually appealing, there are many reasons why it’s a bad choice:

  • The tables between the DJ and dance floor will have a very uncomfortable experience during the evening, especially in the case of a large wedding.
  • The DJ is faced with an awkward decision…. Either play the music soft enough so the tables in front of him can enjoy the evening, or play the music loud enough so that the energy can be carried through the room and the tables in the back can enjoy the music.
  • When a DJ is stuck in the corner, the visibility for the DJ to events that are happening during the evening is diminished. It’s very difficult to effectively Emcee the event, coordinating music and making announcements, when you can’t even see what’s happening.
  • A good wedding DJ is entertaining, and motivates the guests throughout the event by interacting with them, and servicing the many requests that are made. But from a corner location, the DJ is so much less accessible, and your guests will be less likely to request the songs that they really want to hear. When guests can’t hear the songs they want to hear, they’re likely to leave your reception early.
  • We make every attempt to raise our mid-range speakers up high on poles to attempt to focus the main sound levels over the heads of the guests seated at the tables between the DJ and the dance floor. However, for larger receptions, DJ’s typically use sub-woofers to create a better sound, and there is no way to redirect the output of these low frequency, yet powerful speakers when the dance floor is not immediately in front of the DJ.
    With close attention to this major detail, none of your guests will complain or be annoyed because of a perceived loud presentation!So for a successful reception with great dancing, proper sound levels, interactivity and maximum enjoyment for your family and friends, physically position your DJ immediately adjacent to the dance floor.
Poor layout for DJ

Poor layout for DJ