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Your final balance should be delivered to us at the beginning of the celebration
(CASH, or check payable to CASH preferred).

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Event Details

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DJ Performance Hours (i.e. 5-9pm): (NOTE: Please do not calculate setup or breakdown time into the hours)
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Facility Details

If any portion of your celebration will be outdoors, the DJ must be under a COVERED area
to protect equipment from rain.

NOTE: We WILL NOT set up equipment outdoors if it is raining when we arrive.

Name of Hosting Facility:
Street Address of Facility:
City, State, Zip of Facility:
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Is this event indoors or outside?
If outdoors, what is the rain plan?

Important Note:

Please verify with the facility that there are NO TABLES directly in front of the DJ,
on the line to the dance floor. While we are not a 'loud' DJ, the music volume will certainly be uncomfortable for any guests seated at these tables, especially once dancing begins.


If applicable, please describe any formalities or announcements that will be required:

Musical Requirements/Requests

We carry a WIDE range of music types that are intermixed, and designed to please guests from age 18 to 80. 

We also will accept any danceable requests from your guests (unless you specifically ask us NOT to play a particular song, or music type).

If you want us to play a wide mix of all types of music, skip this next question.

Which specific types of music
do you want played?

Are there any songs or music types that you do NOT want played at your celebration?


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