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Your final balance should be delivered to us BEFORE ceremony begins
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Did you obtain your marriage license? It is required that you obtain this yourself and present it to me on the day of your wedding, otherwise the ceremony cannot proceed.

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Do you want an ‘unplugged’ ceremony (your guests will be pleasantly reminded to silence, and put away all devices like cell phones, ipads, and cameras)? (Select One)

Do you want a non-denominational 'civil' type ceremony (most popular), or a more spiritually oriented ceremony (mentioning 'God', 'blessings' and 'faith')? (Select One)

Will you be writing your own vows, or using our standard vows?

If you choose to write your own vows, attach typwritten vows here.

Will you have any 'readings' from family members or friends?

Are you having a sand ceremony?
Are you having a candle lighting ceremony?
Are you having any other special ceremonies?

Prepare an envelope containing Marriage license (with the return envelope to the Clerk’s Office), and photocopies (or a cell phone picture sent to me in advance) of the (4) drivers licenses of both spouses, and both witnesses to be given to Officiant 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

Who will be meeting me with this envelope?  I suggest someone that is NOT in the actual wedding party.

If other ceremonies, explain here:

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