Wedding Date:
Music to be provided from (ie 4:30-9pm):
If ceremony music is included, DJ start time must be 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time.
FULL Name:
FULL Name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Primary Phone:
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Email Address:
Your final balance should be delivered to us BEFORE dinner is finished
(CASH, or check payable to CASH preferred).
Who will be making final payment?
Who will be our point of contact the day of your wedding for any decisions that need to be made (in your absence)?
and their CELL phone number:
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Banquet Facility Name: 
Facility Address:
City, State, Zip:
Will the reception be indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both? NOTE: If outdoors, DJ must be covered
Banquet Manager's Name:
Banquet Manager's CELL Phone:
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Banquet Manager's Email (if available):
Note: Please verify with the facility that there are NO TABLES directly in front of the DJ, on the line to the dance floor.
Photographer Name:
Photographer Email (if available):
Some photographers are on hourly packages, and we want to make sure to do all formalities when the photographer is still there. What time will your photographer be leaving your reception:  
Videographer Name: 
Videographer Email (if available):


What is your color theme?
number of guests:
Would you be interested in adding
up lighting in your color theme?
NOTE: If uplighting is NOT already in your package, additional charges will apply.
Are you planning a sweetheart table or a full head table? Buffet or
Plated/Sit Down Dinner?
Will you be providing a meal for the DJ? If you need the DJ to release tables for the Buffet, enter exact table order:

Ceremony Music

Music for ceremony to be provided by DJ?
Ceremony Start Time (DJ will begin pre-ceremony music 30 minutes before this time)
Ceremony Location:

Name of person performing the wedding ceremony:

Is there power available at the ceremony location?

For a smooth ceremony, you'll need a person to be responsible for releasing the wedding party for their walk down the aisle, and to also queue the DJ for music transitions. In some cases a banquet manager will take care of this, but that's not always guaranteed, so be sure to discuss this with them in advance. If they do not take care of this, who will be responsible for this role for your ceremony?

Select the style of ceremony music that you prefer:

If you selected "Other" for ceremony music, please give details:

Cocktail Hour Music

Music for cocktail hour to be provided by DJ?
If above box is checked, the cocktail hour will be

Please indicate what style of cocktail music you prefer:

If you selected "Other" for cocktail music, please give details:

If any portion of your reception will be outdoors, the DJ MUST be under a COVERED area
to protect equipment from rain.

NOTE: We WILL NOT set up equipment outdoors if it is raining when we arrive.

If above box is checked, blessing to be given by seated at table number

Will champagne (or other beverage) be provided for the toasts?
If not, the DJ will ask your guests to get a drink before introductions begin.

First toast to be given by
Second toast to be given by
Third toast to be given by
Fourth toast to be given by

Centerpiece Giveaway?
If above box is checked, we will do the giveaway at the beginning of dinner when you're guests are sure to be at the tables, and the centerpiece will be given to the person at each table who's birth date is closest to your wedding date.

How do you wish to give away your bouquet? Select One

Musical Requirements

We typically play a WIDE range of music types that are intermixed and designed to please guests from age 18 to 80. We also will accept any danceable requests from your guests (unless you specifically ask us NOT to play a particular song, or music type).

If you want us to play a wide mix of all types of music, skip this next question.

Which specific types of music do you want played?
NOTE: We cannot play music off of any handheld device (i.e. iPod, iPhone), the quality will not be good. All special requests should be listed below so that we can be sure to have the music with us at your event.

Money Dance (also known as dollar dance)

REQUESTS: List up to five (5) must play songs.

songs or music types that you do NOT want played.

If we do NOT have the following special dances in our collection, you will need to provide them in advance.
NOTE: We can NOT play cassette tapes or records, and CD's must be supplied prior to the reception.

Wedding First Dance: Artist:
Will the bridal party join you halfway through your first dance?

Tribute Dances (list up to 4 in the order you want to do them)

will dance with

Song Title: Artist:

will dance with

Song Title: Artist:

will dance with

Song Title: Artist:

will dance with

Song Title: Artist:

Wedding Party Introduction

For the introduction of the wedding party, we always use an instrumental song so the announcements can be heard clearly. We offer a variety of introduction themes depending on the type of atmosphere your are trying to create for your celebration:

Note: for "Dating Game" intro, you need to provide a brief, humorous comment for each of your wedding party couples.


Below, please list the family members to be introduced for (First Name ONLY)

Announce at table?


Announce at table?

OR (if parents are not married)

Mother: escorted by   
Father:  escorting       

Below, please list the family members to be introduced for (First Name ONLY)

Announce at table?
Announce at table?
OR (if parents are not married)

Mother: escorted by  
Father:  escorting      

Your Wedding Party Announcements

NOTE: Enter ladies on the left, men on the riight

Enter Title AND Name (example below)
Bridesmaid Jane Doe escorting Groomsman John Doe


Married Couple's Introduction

Our standard introduction is
"Ladies and Gentleman, would all guests please rise and join me in welcoming as newlyweds,

If you would prefer an alternate introduction, please enter the EXACT wording here.

In the two boxes below, please enter the first name for each of you, in the format that you prefer
(ie Bobby instead of Robert, etc)


Additional instructions regarding your wedding party:

Attach additional info, if necessary. Here's where you can attach a song list, special announcements, or any other information that you'd like us to be aware of.

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