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Of course children are a part of the family, but they can definitely change the flavor of a wedding. When planning a wedding, you have to consider your priorities and decide accordingly. Very often couples include children on the guest list, but they don’t put any thought into occupying the children. Because of this, children often take over the dance floor, and the guests stay at their tables so that the children have a place to play.

Having performed more than 3,525 wedding receptions, my professional experience has been that inviting guests under the age of 16 can have an adverse effect on the adult participation on the dance floor, which may detract from the overall success of your celebration.

When the children are important to you and you want to include them, a great solution is to plan a ‘child area’ at your reception. Purchase some coloring books and various games in advance (you can find a lot of items at the dollar store) and setup an area for the kids to play. When selecting the location, be sure to keep it toward the back of the room and NOT near the dance floor nor the exit door.

The parents will feel comfortable to let the children play in a safe area, and the adults can use the dance floor for it’s intended purpose…. to have the time of their lives dancing at your reception!