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As we plan our wedding day, we often choose to exclude a wedding video because of budget constraints.

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Every year on our anniversary, one of our traditions is to sit down and watch our wedding video.   Yes, we have pictures of our day throughout our home, on our Facebook and in an album.   Our photos are a great way to remember that special day, and we enjoy them as much today as we did on the day that we got the package from our photographer.  But we are also very happy that we chose to have a wedding video.

On our wedding day, of course our parents played a large role.   Since then, each of us lost our fathers through the years.  On each anniversary, we pull out our video, and not only are we able to see the emotions of our happiness that day, but we also get to see our fathers and relive their personalities.  We are able to see how much we loved them, and how much they loved us.  We are able to hear their voices and feel the hugs they gave us.

As you consider whether or not to have a wedding video, consider these things that you may miss if you don’t.   Pictures are definitely important, but the video shares an important role as well.