Our original location suffered from electricity issues during the day, which was deemed resolved by the time of our wedding prep, and Stephen was still able to complete setup of music and our up-lighting as we had discussed, to a second floor location without an elevator.

Unfortunately, the electric gremlins returned, the reception was to be relocated and Stephen was informed he had 10 minutes to move all his equipment 1/4 mile down the road (unassisted!). To the backups!! Stephen was able to unpack his backup equipment at the new location just in time to receive the bride and groom, as well as perform first dance and some introductory music. He then had to run back down the street to retrieve all his original equipment, but still make it back in time to set the music for dances, record speeches, and generally keep the reception “in the dark” about his travails without affecting the reception.

Stephen was a ninja in this regard – no one had any idea of his efforts behind the scenes and the reception entertainment went flawlessly. With his thorough planning and prep, followed by adapting to a new situation within minutes and keeping everything flowing during our special day, we highly recommend his services.