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In these difficult economic times, planning a wedding can be very difficult. Bride’s have dreamed of this day for so long, but the cost of a wedding can be high if you’re not careful. Being a DJ myself, I often get calls from a bride and the first question is ‘how much do you cost’. While this is definitely an important question, be careful that you still shop for quality.

In the case of a DJ, you want to be sure that you hire somebody with wedding experience. When shopping by price along, you’ll probably end up with a DJ company that subcontracts the DJ that will perform at your wedding. While you can get lucky and end up with a terrific DJ, the chances are that you’ll end up with a DJ that has very little experience in weddings and will not help to coordinate the events of the evening. A quality DJ is not only responsible for the music, but they are also responsible for the announcements of the bridal party, the coordination of the first dance, the cake cutting, the garter/bouquet toss, the toasts and any other formalities that you plan for your evening. Coordinating these events doesn’t just mean making an announcement. A quality DJ will first make sure that all parties that are involved in the formality are available and ready. For example, you definitely don’t want your photographer to miss the cake cutting…. but unless the DJ tells the photographer it’s happening, you’ll get no picture.

So while you’re looking to cut some costs…. be careful where you cut them. A quality DJ can cost less than that cheese platter that you’re providing during cocktail hour. At the end of the evening, your guests won’t remember the cheese platter, but they sure will remember whether or not the DJ helped to make the celebration a great success!