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Wedding venue Tampa FLAs a bride shops for that perfect venue to host her wedding, she’s brought into a room that is decorated for the next event.  She enters the room, and it’s so breathtaking that she signs the contract then and there.  But did the bride do her homework?

There are many hidden costs associated with a venue that many brides aren’t aware of until AFTER they have signed the venue’s contract.   Sure, they know what it costs per plate per person, and they asked what the cost of the bar is.   But the costs don’t end there.   Many venues may have additional fees that the couple isn’t aware of.

Some of those fees include:

  • chair covers (these can sometimes add an additional $5 per person to the bill)
  • Linens in your selected color (many venues include only white table linens, choosing them in your color may be an additional fee)
  • Room decor.  Often the bride is shown a room that is decorated with flowers, plants or even up-lighting.  But be careful, these things may not be included, and adding them on can be quite costly.
  • Tax and gratuity.   While most realize that this is an additional cost, be aware of the percentage that is charged on these items, and calculate this into your budget before signing the contract.

These are a few examples of venue costs that are often a surprise to the couple, and often force the couple to skimp in other important wedding vendors, such as photographers and entertainment.

So when you see that venue of your dreams, be sure to ask the most important question in two simple words “What’s Included?”.