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Photo by Vanity Studios

Photo by Vanity Studios

Some brides can be so nervous that they just don’t have fun on their happiest, special day. If you think you are prone to being somewhat nervous in stressful or unfamiliar situations, try some of these techniques to help keep yourself focused, on track and most of all, able to look back and say, “Wow, I really had a lot of fun on my wedding!” PRACTICE these techniques before your wedding so that you will have some level of assurance in using them BEFORE you really need them.

Breathing is something we do every day and we certainly don’t think about it. But when you start to feel stressed or nervous, remember this breathing relaxation technique. Simply stop whatever you are doing and close your eyes take a deep breath inhaling through your nose, with your mouth closed. Relax your belly so it bulges out when you are inhaling. Make it a deep breath, but not so that it is uncomfortable. Hold it in for just 2 or 3 seconds. Keep your eyes closed and exhale through your mouth with your lips forming the word “Oooo” (not “Oh”). Pause for 2 or 3 seconds and repeat one or two more times.

This, by the way, is the same technique used by Buddhists and cigarette smokers, so we know it works; although I don’t know about Buddhists who smoke – that data has not come in yet!

Visualization is also something that can be used by itself or at the same time as the breathing to increase the relaxation effects. Here are a couple of examples.

Quiet place visualization (easier):

While breathing (example above) imaging yourself on the beach, listen to the waves crashing over themselves, hear the gulls cawing, feel the sun and the warm breeze on your face, see the sun blazing, the clouds passing slowly by and the palms slowly waving. Make your visualization as vivid as you can.

Cleansing breath visualization (Buddhist derivation – more difficult, but better results):

While you have your eyes closed and you are breathing, imagine the air coming in through your nose; think of it as though it were hundreds of small colored dots, red, green, blue, orange. As you breathe in and you feel your belly bulge out, imagine these dots bouncing around and off one another and going down your wind pipe and into your lungs. Visualize them becoming oxygenated in your lungs and turning brightly colored. Now imagine them going up into your brain and attaching to all of your stressful thoughts. As you exhale, imagine these air-dots coming down from your brain, back to their original colors, and flowing quickly out of your mouth, taking a large part of the stress back out of you and flowing away in the breeze. Make your visualization as vivid as you can.

I hope this helps you get more fun out of your wedding!