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Wedding parkingParking is an issue that’s fresh in my mind because of the most recent events that I performed at.

The first event was in a beautiful historic home.   Since the home was in a residential neighborhood, there was no parking lot.   At this particular event, there was plenty of on-street parking within walking distance for the guests, but the family was concerned about the elderly guests not being able to park close enough.

The second event was at a hotel in downtown Tampa.   First, traffic getting the the hotel was terrible.   Fortunately I always plan extra time, so I was fine.  But if I were a guest attending the celebration, the traffic would have easily made me half an hour late.

Once I arrived at the Hotel, I learned that the only parking option is to use their valet service.  While this can seem convenient to most, to others it can be stressful, knowing we may have valuables in the vehicle (and for a DJ, backup equipment that we now cannot access).

I unloaded all of my equipment and reluctantly handed over my keys to the valet.   The celebration was wonderful (well, there were other concerns that you find only in a big hotel, but that can be another post at another time).

At the end of the celebration, I packed up my equipment and wheeled it outside to where the valet waited.   Before going to get my car, I was told that the cost would be $20.   Yes, you heard me correctly…. $20 to park at the Hotel to attend an event.   So each of the guests also paid $20 just to park their cars.   Some hotels do offer a discount, but even then, guests are still charged $8 at this venue to park.

Bottom line, when planning your event at any venue, take notice of the parking situation.   There are so many wonderful venues with great parking available, you may choose to save your guests some aggravation and avoid those that either have no parking or cost the guests additional fees to park.