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An outdoor celebration can be fantastic, but to pull it off, the planning needs to be well thought out.  Weather and lighting is always considered when planning an outdoor event, but most forget about those pesky bugs that are sure to come out.  Whether it’s flies, mosquitos or even no-see-ums, you definitely don’t want your guests to go away remembering how much they had to swat away the bugs.   By thinking ahead, you’ll have your guests leaving with memories of a fantastic evening.

Here are some great tips to keep the bugs away.

  • Add a tent.   Not only will it protect you from weather elements, but if you rent one with mesh netting, it can keep your guests “bug free” for the evening.
  • Citronella.  To add some elegance to your event, purchase the Citronella torches.   Not only does it help to keep the bugs away, but they add light and ambiance to your event.
  • Avon Skin So Soft.   This is a and other great products can help to keep the bugs away.   Look for an option in a spray bottle and place some in the rest rooms with a sign telling guests what they’re for.   Not only do they give a lovely aroma, but they can keep the guests bug free for the evening.
  • Plants.  Get some inspect repelling plants to place around your event area.  Some great options include Basil, Lavender and Mint.
  • Surf the internet.   Depending on your area, there are many options to help make your party a bug free zone.   Get on the internet to find the solution that can work best for you.