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There are two items in particular that this post applies to:
your Guest Register, and some couples also have a large, matted picture frame that they want guests to sign.

After your wedding day, the last thing you need is a wedding guest book, or picture frame that’s half empty, and as an entertainer, I see this nearly every week.

Most couples place these items near the entrance, which seems perfectly logical.  However, most of your guests will arrive at the same exact time, and may be more interested in finding their seats, and getting inside for the cocktail hour, rather than waiting in a line at the door just to sign in.

A better position would be someplace that your guests are likely to pass several times during the reception, such as near the Wedding Cake, or even near the service bar area.

Also ensure that the signing area is well lit.    Many older guests that may not be able to see well in low-lighting situations like the reception, will be tempted to just skip signing altogether.

Additionally, ask your entertainer to make some periodic announcements reminding your guests to sign.

Another idea we’ve recommended to our brides, is to ask one or two of the attendants to go to each table during the reception (WITH THE GUESTBOOK, or picture in hand), to encourage people who didn’t sign on their way in to do so.

Finally, consider bringing the guest book or picture frame to the rehearsal dinner, or even to the ceremony so that your closest friends and family have extra time to sign.

With close attention to these details, you’ll both take away a priceless memento of your wedding day!