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Dollar DanceLong ago, it was tradition to do a “Dollar Dance” at every wedding. But what is the Dollar Dance?

This dance is used to give all guests the opportunity to share a special moment with the bride or the groom, and for that time, they pay a dollar (or, very often, a bit more if they choose).

The bride and groom are brought to the dance floor, and two lines are formed by the guests. One for those that wish to pay their money to dance with the bride, and the other to dance with the groom.

Now that we understand what the dollar dance is… is it something that you want to do at your wedding? Of course the decision is yours, so I’m going to offer the pros and cons.


  • The couple will have the opportunity to share a few special moments with some guests (and vice versa).   Very often at a wedding, a couple gets caught up in the evening and doesn’t always have this opportunity.
  • Some extra money goes into the pockets of the bride and groom to use during their honeymoon, or what ever other purpose they choose.


  • The Dollar Dance shuts down the dance floor for the duration that’s determined by the length of the lines.  Often it’s a good 10 minutes.   This may not sound like a lot of time, but it does give other guests a good reason to leave the reception.
  • Many may feel that this dance is “tacky”.  Guests have traveled in many cases, and have already given a gift.   They may feel that being asked to give more is inappropriate.


There are a couple alternatives to the Dollar Dance that you can consider as well.

  • Dollar Dash -The DJ plays a song while the bride and groom run around as quickly as they can grabbing money from guest’s hands.  Afterwards, the bride and groom would count the money they grabbed to see who made more.  The Dollar Dash is very interactive with all guests, and can add some excitement to the evening.
  • To The Highest Bidder – This is a  variation of the dollar dance.  Instead of the guests forming a line to dance with the bride or groom, the DJ auctions them off to the highest bidder.  The guest that bids the highest gets to dance with the bride or groom.
  • Money Tree – Assemble a money tree, wishing well or card box for guests to offer cash without the dance.  The tree can be a wire tree or branches assembled in a decorative way. Add a method for guests to attach bills to the tree, and place a couple dollars on the tree in advance so the guests know the purpose of the tree. Put a couple dollars on the tree before the reception so guests will know what it’s for.  An alternative is to set up a card box or wishing well where guests can drop off cards or randomly leave cash for the couple. A nice touch would be to supply pens and note paper so that guests canleave their wishes or thoughts for the couple.