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singleroomThere are many beautiful banquet facilities out there, but they’re not all necessarily ‘reception friendly’.   When shopping for the location of your wedding day, try envision the evening.   An ideal reception will have no more than three locations.  The first location would be the church or beach where the ceremony is being held.   The second location might be a cocktail hour outside of the main reception room.   After the cocktail hour, the rest of the event should remain in one room.

Remember, you are the couple that everybody is there to see.  Wherever you go, your guests will go.

Here are a few additional tips:

  • If the venue puts the bar in a completely separate room from the dancing, you can rest assured that your guests will get caught up at the bar and will forget that there’s music.   If you’ve already selected a venue with the bar in a separate room, make sure that the bridal party refrains from hanging out at the bar.  Get them back out on the dance floor by heading there yourself.
  • There will be smokers at your celebration.  However, you don’t want the smoking area to be more appealing than the reception.   As you shop, think about where the smokers will go and try to select a location where the guests will have their cigarette and come right back in for some fun.

Keep it on the dance floor and enjoy your special day!