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Selecting your first dance can be simple. There’s always that special song on the radio that, as soon as you hear it, you know it’s the one.

But how do you choose the dance with your father or the dance with your mother?   There aren’t many songs on the radio that would work for these special moments, and you want your parent to feel special with the song you choose.

Of course you can get on Google and search for songs that will work, listen to a few, and then choose one from the list.   But if you really want that dance to be memorable for your parent, then I suggest on of these options:

  • Think back to your childhood, as you were growing up.   Is there a dance you remember dancing to while you stood on Daddy’s feet?   If so, that’s your song.
  • Is there a song that your mother used to sing to you to put you to sleep?  If so, that’s your song.
  • Is there a fun song that you used to sing in the car?  I recently did a wedding that the mother and son sang the song “Side by Side” during the entire road trip.   That was their song.
  • If you don’t remember a song from growing up, then talk to your mother or your father.  Ask them if there’s a song that they hear on the radio that makes them think of you.  If there is, then that’s your song.

So before picking a song from a list, involve your parent by thinking about your time together.   When you do this, you will find that perfect song that will make them feel like the special person that they are!