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highheelbeachWest Florida DJ has hosted hundreds of beach weddings.  What a beautiful backdrop for any celebration.  The sounds of the waves during a ceremony is priceless.  Everything is exactly as the bride and groom envisioned.

But wait… the ladies are all wearing high heeled shoes.  As they take their first step into the sand, their heel digs into the sand.  Not only does this make it difficult to walk, but the heel of that shoe may suffer some damage.

We realize that ladies love their heels and the shoe they selected is perfect for their beautiful dress.   So what’s the solution?   If you plan ahead, you might consider purchasing a pair of heeled flip flops for the occasion.  After you walk down the aisle and finish up on the beach, feel free to change your shoes in the limousine ride to the reception.

Brides, you may want to think ahead for your guests.  We hosted a wedding where the bride purchased a great selection of inexpensive flip flops in all sizes and colors and placed them in a basket just before the sand.   The ladies changed into the flip flops for the ceremony, saving their beautiful shoes from damage.