Welcome Couples!

We are professional wedding disc jockey’s that have performed at thousands of weddings through the years.   We have performed at a lot of weddings that could have been perfect if only the bride and groom had some guidance.   In this blog, we will post some thoughts and ideas that can help make your wedding day […]

Attending a Beach Wedding

Have you just opened up an invitation to learn that you’ are invited to a beach ceremony?  If you don’t live someplace tropical, it may also leave you scratching your head wondering what to wear to a beach wedding? There are a few ground rules you should follow in order to look great, remain comfortable, yet […]

Wedding on a ‘tight budget’…

Nearly anywhere in the country, Saturday night is the most popular day of the week for wedding receptions.   Additionally, the most popular months of the year for weddings are April, May, October, and November (at least here in mid-west Florida, including Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Englewood, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Anna Maria Island, Lakewood Ranch, […]

Outdoor Events can “Bug” You

An outdoor celebration can be fantastic, but to pull it off, the planning needs to be well thought out.  Weather and lighting is always considered when planning an outdoor event, but most forget about those pesky bugs that are sure to come out.  Whether it’s flies, mosquitos or even no-see-ums, you definitely don’t want your guests […]

Choosing Parent Dances

Selecting your first dance can be simple. There’s always that special song on the radio that, as soon as you hear it, you know it’s the one. But how do you choose the dance with your father or the dance with your mother?   There aren’t many songs on the radio that would work for these […]

Dollar (or money) Dance

Long ago, it was tradition to do a “Dollar Dance” at every wedding. But what is the Dollar Dance? This dance is used to give all guests the opportunity to share a special moment with the bride or the groom, and for that time, they pay a dollar (or, very often, a bit more if […]

Holidays and Music

Happy Holidays!   As we are in full swing of the season, we’ve noticed that wherever Holiday music plays, it seems to be the same 20-30 songs.   These songs are fantastic!   But there are so many incredible Holiday tunes out there. West Florida DJ is very proud of our Christmas collection, featuring artists […]

Happy Holidays

West Florida DJ would like to wish everybody a very Happy Thanksgiving. Remember, no matter what you’re planning, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party or a special event of any kind…. remember to take time out to enjoy the special people in your life. Be safe!


Parking is an issue that’s fresh in my mind because of the most recent events that I performed at. The first event was in a beautiful historic home.   Since the home was in a residential neighborhood, there was no parking lot.   At this particular event, there was plenty of on-street parking within walking […]

Select a “Gopher”

There’s so much to do on the day of your wedding, much of which is last minute and unplanned.  To handle these things, assign a “Wedding Gopher”.   This person can be a friend or family member not in the immediate family (and who will not be in most of the photographs). One of the […]

Toasting the Bride & Groom

Selecting that special person to represent you as a Maid/Matron of Honor or a Best Man can sometimes be a difficult task.   These roles carry a lot of responsibilities throughout the planning of your celebration, as well as on the evening of your wedding. One of the important tasks is the writing and reciting […]

Video on your Wedding Day

As we plan our wedding day, we often choose to exclude a wedding video because of budget constraints. My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Every year on our anniversary, one of our traditions is to sit down and watch our wedding video.   Yes, we have pictures of our day throughout […]

Weddings & Children

Of course children are a part of the family, but they can definitely change the flavor of a wedding. When planning a wedding, you have to consider your priorities and decide accordingly. Very often couples include children on the guest list, but they don’t put any thought into occupying the children. Because of this, children […]

Dance at your wedding!

The ceremony was beautiful, we had fun having our pictures taken with the photographer, dinner was delicious and our first dance was memorable. But after that…. nobody danced. At any wedding celebration, you definitely want an experienced DJ.. one that carries a wide variety of music so there’s something for everybody. A good DJ can […]

Where to place the DJ

When deciding how to arrange the room where the reception will take place, many couples (and banquet facility managers) focus ONLY on the general appearance of the room, and fail to consider the practical impact as it relates to proper placement of the entertainment. There are many suggestions online about the placement of the head […]

Selecting Music

Many couples have a vision of the type of music that they want to hear on their wedding day.   But should they select all of the music for the evening? Brides and grooms are inviting friends and families of all ages and musical tastes. When planning your day, it’s important to talk to your […]

Contain the party to a single room!

There are many beautiful banquet facilities out there, but they’re not all necessarily ‘reception friendly’.   When shopping for the location of your wedding day, try envision the evening.   An ideal reception will have no more than three locations.  The first location would be the church or beach where the ceremony is being held.   The second location […]