Where to place the cake

Here in Florida, outdoor weddings are growing more and more popular.   And why shouldn’t they…. we have access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the views and the sunsets are spectacular! However, many brides (and even caterers) fail to pay attention to one important detail… where to place the cake.   While they […]

Shopping for best price

In these difficult economic times, planning a wedding can be very difficult. Bride’s have dreamed of this day for so long, but the cost of a wedding can be high if you’re not careful. Being a DJ myself, I often get calls from a bride and the first question is ‘how much do you cost’. […]

When to Contract a Bakery for Your Wedding Cake

The industry standard for a wedding cake purchase is clearly 3 to 6 months prior to your event.   It usually is one of the last items that is purchased, however several things should be considered effecting the availability of one of these professionals.  As a owner of a cake specialty bakery, I have noted some considerations that Brides and Grooms should think of. Is it […]

Relax and Enjoy

Some brides can be so nervous that they just don’t have fun on their happiest, special day. If you think you are prone to being somewhat nervous in stressful or unfamiliar situations, try some of these techniques to help keep yourself focused, on track and most of all, able to look back and say, “Wow, […]

Beach Wedding Shoes

West Florida DJ has hosted hundreds of beach weddings.  What a beautiful backdrop for any celebration.  The sounds of the waves during a ceremony is priceless.  Everything is exactly as the bride and groom envisioned. But wait… the ladies are all wearing high heeled shoes.  As they take their first step into the sand, their […]

Outdoor Weddings

You’ve always dreamed of a wedding in a garden or on the beach, and that’s exactly what you’re going to plan, no matter what! Once we have a vision of our wedding, there’s no way we’re going to change our minds.  We at West Florida DJ completely understand that.   However, sometimes Mother Nature has […]

Location of the Gift Table

Through the years, I have noticed many gift tables (including the card box) are placed outside of the main reception room.   Maybe in the lobby where the cocktail hour is being held, or near the door right outside of the reception room.    We get so caught up in our special day, we never consider that […]

Welcome Couples!

We are professional wedding disc jockey’s that have performed at thousands of weddings through the years.   We have performed at a lot of weddings that could have been perfect if only the bride and groom had some guidance.   In this blog, we will post some thoughts and ideas that can help make your wedding day […]